January 1st 2017: My short story The Fabric of Reality was published on Every Day Fiction yesterday .

July 25th 2016: Why We Write - M. Howalt (an essay published on 1888 Center's website).

July 24th 2016: Blood, Sweat & Runes is now complete. Thank you for reading!

July 13th 2016: My novella made it to top 25 in the contest. If you want to hear me talk about writing, there's an interview here. I'm also sharing my writing routine in a short essay.

June the 1st 2016: I'm participating in 1888 Center's Summer Writing Project again, and the beginning of my entry, Blood, Sweat & Runes, is now online. It will be updated throughout June and July.

26th 2016: My new serial novel, Focal Point, has just been launched on JukePop.

January 13th 2016: Minor updates everywhere, but most notably to Interviews and Features.

November 11th 2015: Subscribe to my newsletter to receive a free and exclusive short story set in the world of Conviction.

August 25th 2015: Fellow writer Aden Ng interviewed me and Hector (from my novel Aconitum) and Iliya (from Conviction) for his blog. You can read the result here.

August 24th 2015: That's it! Conviction is complete. Than you so much for your support! And hey, if you haven't read it yet, why not catch up before the contest closes on August 31st? You could make a huge difference by voting.

August 22nd 2015: 1888 Center who hosts the Summer Writing Project that Conviction is part of is interviewing the writers of the top 10 novellas for their podcast, The How The Why. I'm excited to tell you that I'm in the latest episode.

August 14th 2015: Conviction and I were just featured on C.M. Skiera's blog.

June 14th 2015: The first chapter of Conviction is now available to read for free. Please give it a try and vote for it if you like it.

June 6th 2015: Aconitum is now complete on JukePop Serials! You can read the whole novel for free at least for a few more months.

June 4th 2015: This news page was added.

May 24th 2015: is now live. There's still a bit of construction going on, but things are working.




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