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Short Stories & Flash Fiction

Skattejagt(Danish) published June 10th 2020 on Karantæne i København.

Marrow published May 25th 2020 in Boned Every Which Way 2019 (print version).
Space Bones
published May 1st on Boned (online version).
published February 4th 2020 in The Future Will Be Written By Robots.
published March 12th 2018 on Boned (online version)
The Archivist published April 30th 2018 in Boned Every Which Way 2017 (print version).

The Archivist published July 25th 2017 on Boned (online version).

The Fabric of Reality published December 2016 on Every Day Fiction.

The Memorator 4000 published January 2016 on Prose.

Off Kilter published November 2015 on Prose.

Innocence published October 14th 2014 on QuarterReads.

Focal Point published October 4th 2011 on Every Day Fiction.

Treasure published April 26th 2011 on Every Day Fiction.

Taking Action published April 24th 2011 on Postcard Shorts.

The Note published March 6th 2011 on Weirdyear.


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